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Multinational help biofuels development industry to expand acceleration
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The biofuels industry has been multiplying and developing vigorously in China. In view of the fact that biofuels can save energy and help improve the atmosphere, many countries are also actively taking action. For example, Australia, Italy, Brazil, France and so on, the stage of biofuel industry is expanding rapidly.

Multinational help biofuels development industry to expand acceleration

By the end of 2017, the first commercial transoceanic commercial passenger flight was completed successfully. The bio-aviation kerosene used in this voyage is not only a clean energy source, but also the main source of waste cooking oil, to the best of environmental protection.

The news that "the waste oil has gone to heaven" has aroused heated debate, and the use of biofuels has once again received high attention. Then, the 10th Airbus A350-900, which China Airlines received, was loaded with some biofuels and landed at Taipei Airport from Toulouse.

China has given strong support to the development of biofuels, and foreign research and application in this area is also wind-driven water.

According to foreign media reports, QF96 has completed a 15-hour trans-Pacific tour with mustard seed as raw material. During the flight, carbon dioxide emissions were reduced by about 18 tons, and the cleanliness of biofuels was unmistakable.

In addition, officials in Venice, Italy, have also publicly said that all water buses will try out new power fuels from April to October 2018. This is an environmentally friendly fuel, basically made from waste vegetable oil, and can reduce emissions. For this reason, Venice has signed a cooperation agreement with energy companies and garbage collection enterprises.

The European Commission recently approved an aid package for Italy to support the production and sale of biofuels. It is understood that the EU's budget for the aid program involves about 4000000000 euros, up to 2022. The plan aims at sustainable green biofuels, helping the EU achieve emission reduction targets.

News from Brazil shows that President Michelle Temmel has signed a law on a national plan to increase the use of biofuels throughout the country. The policy will set emission reduction targets for the fuel industry and provide for carbon credits, which are closely related to the life cycle assessment of biofuel producers.

In France, researchers have made breakthroughs in biofuel production technology. They found an undetected enzyme that efficiently degraded xylan and dramatically increased glucose conversion. That is to say, with the use of new bio-refining technology, bio-fuel production technology is expected to break through again, reducing industrial production costs.

China encourages the development of clean energy industry, and there are many policies and standards to support the development of biofuels. For example, biofuel ethanol, which has been strongly promoted in the field of automotive fuel substitution, is brewing huge space. According to the experience accumulated in the pilot project of biofuel ethanol popularization, it is a typical feature that solid waste is fully utilized, and good environmental benefits are the best guarantee.

Many industry insiders believe that China will be able to export biofuel ethanol technology and environmental protection equipment to other countries around 2020. This confirms from the side that the development prospect of biofuels in China is generally optimistic, and the overseas market demand is also very obvious. No wonder, the biofuels industry is very popular in many countries and is thriving.

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