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Introduction to the advantages of water treatment packing
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1) adsorption capacity

Activated carbon has strong adsorption capacity for organic matter in sewage, and has porous, so that the filter material has increased surface area and other technical effects.

2), oil resistance, drug resistance

Material stability, acid, alkali, aging resistance, service life of up to 15 years, long-term no need to replace, biodegradable products

3) light and floating

Extremely light weight, 1/33 (30kg/?) with specific gravity, has the properties of impact resistance, high toughness and floating.

4) environmental protection

Freon is not used as foaming agent in production, and will not produce toxic and harmful gases when burning. It is an environmentally friendly material.

5) long life

It can be recycled for more than 15 years without replacing the packing, thus greatly saving the operation cost of water purification equipment.

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