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What is regular packing?
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Everyone knows that when we use packing tower, we will use packing, which is divided into regular packing and bulk packing. Next we'll see what regular packing is.

Introduction: regular packing is a kind of packing which is arranged in a uniform geometric shape and neatly stacked in the tower. Because of its large specific surface area, small pressure drop, uniform fluid distribution, high efficiency of mass and heat transfer, it has been widely used. The earliest developed is the metal structured filler, followed by the development of plastic structured filler, ceramic structured filler and carbon fiber structured filler.

History: In 1914, the birth of Racey ring packing, the new era of packing tower in 1948, the emergence in Germany is called the second generation of products of the Bauer ring packing, Racey ring Bauer ring in the wall hole, ring with tongue piece is a major breakthrough in ring packing. In 1964, BX wire mesh corrugated packing invented by Sulzer Company of Switzerland was first used in the rectification system of heat-sensitive perfumes. In 1977, Swiss Sulzer company launched Mellapak corrugated metal packing. In 1978, NorTon Company of the United States introduced the metal ring saddle packing. It ingeniously combines the ring structure with the saddle structure. It combines the advantages of the grooved packing Bauer ring, the saddle type packing and the low aspect ratio packing ladder ring. It has the advantages of low pressure drop, high flux, good liquid distribution performance, high mass transfer efficiency and operation. Elasticity and other excellent comprehensive properties, in the existing industrial bulk filler has a clear advantage, its emergence is considered to be a breakthrough in bulk filler, known as the symbol of the third generation of products.

Classification: regular packing can be divided into two categories according to their structural characteristics: corrugated and non corrugated. The former is divided into vertical corrugation and horizontal corrugation, and the latter is divided into raster and plate type. The most widely used regular packing is vertical corrugated packing. Vertical corrugated packing is corrugated and corrugated. In the specification type expression of corrugated packing, the figure generally represents its specific surface area value. The letters X and Y represent its corrugated dip angle of 30, 45, for example, 400X indicate that the specific surface area of the corrugated packing is 400 m2 / m3, and the corrugated dip angle of 30. The pressure drop of X packing is small, and the mass transfer performance of Y packing is better.

The above is about the introduction of structured packing. The company relies on strong product strength and excellent advanced technology, perfect after-sales service, Jiuda chemical filler in the industry has established a good reputation and monument. We regard customer demand as our responsibility, customer satisfaction as the ultimate standard of service, wholeheartedly welcome new and old customers to discuss business cooperation, and sincerely seek excellent cooperation agents in the country.

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