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Zhai Qing, Vice Minister of environmental protection, said on August 2 that water pollution was a little more serious this year than last year. Last year, the State Council issued and issued the Water Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan, highlighting key areas such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, to achieve win-win economic development and environmental protection.

Referring to the current water pollution problem, Zhai Qing said that water pollution is indeed a problem of great concern to all sectors of society, especially in recent years, water pollution is more serious. At the two national meetings in 2015, Premier Li Keqiang also mentioned in the government work report that we should work out an Internet plus action plan to promote the integration of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data and Internet of things with modern manufacturing. As an important part of strategic emerging industries, the environmental protection industry is naturally unwilling and can not miss the historical opportunity of "wind tunnel". For a time, all the industry lords were fighting hard to find the "Internet +" express entrance in various fields.

The rapid development of environmental protection industry in the future will be reflected in the following aspects: firstly, due to the influx of large amounts of capital, the pattern of environmental protection industry and industrial chain will face rapid restructuring; secondly, due to the promotion of market and capital, many technical research and research projects originally carried out solely by scientific research institutions will directly dock with the industry and capital. Docking, environmental technology progress will be very fast. At the same time, the iteration in the application process will be several times faster than the current speed.

"Most environmental protection enterprises are essentially equipment manufacturing and engineering construction enterprises, it is difficult to get in touch with the Internet, even if there is sewage and garbage operation performance of environmental protection enterprises, because the typical heavy assets + B2B, it is not easy to touch the net." In the first wave of view, traditional environmental protection enterprises do not "touch the net" means waiting for death, but "touch the net" faces a series of problems such as online and offline mutual struggle. How to make rational use of "Internet thinking + Internet connection" in environmental protection industry without Internet gene is the key and difficult point.

As the main force in water treatment, fillers play an important role in all aspects of sewage treatment. In chemical engineering, fillers refer to inert solid materials, such as Bauer rings and Lassi rings, which are packed in the packed column. Their role is to increase the gas-liquid interface and make it mix strongly with each other. In chemical products, fillers, also known as fillers, refer to solid materials used to improve processing performance, mechanical properties of products and/or reduce costs. In the field of sewage treatment, it is mainly used in contact oxidation process. Microorganisms accumulate on the surface of the filler to increase the surface contact with the sewage and degrade the sewage. Filler (filler) is the most widely used additive in polymer chemical industry. Almost all plastics (including thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics), natural rubber and coatings use a large number of fillers. For example, adding wood powder, clay or calcium carbonate into plastics can not only improve the mechanical properties of products, increase hardness, but also reduce costs; using graphite, magnetic powder or mica as filler, can improve the conductivity, magnetization and heat resistance of plastics; adding carbon black or silica (silica) into rubber can significantly improve the production. The physical properties of the product; the addition of titanium * * (titanium dioxide) in the spinning solution can be shaded and dyed. White or colored fillers (such as titanium ***, talc powder, calcium carbonate, barium sulfate, etc.) are often added to the coatings industry to improve the optical, physical and chemical properties of the coatings. Fillers (fillers) for this purpose are called physical pigments or color development pigments.

Pollution control is a huge comprehensive social project, ranging from industrial pollution to personal garbage treatment, involving everyone, related to future generations. The protection of ecological environment needs strict legislation. We should mobilize all the party members and mobilize all the people, and implement a one vote veto system. It is necessary not only to form a broad public opinion environment, but also to establish a professional and powerful law enforcement team, refine the law enforcement standards, resolutely curb the phenomenon of malignant pollution, large-scale pollution and long-term pollution, and implement incentives and penalties to each specific unit and individual.

It is suggested to strengthen the norms of corporate environmental responsibility and fully mobilize the subjective initiative of the economic entities. Is it possible to stipulate the profit ratio of enterprises for redevelopment and ecological environment? For example, Ningxia Zhongwei Ming Sheng Dyeing and Chemical Co., Ltd. invested 400 million yuan in the new plant, 80 million yuan in environmental protection facilities, accounting for one fifth of the total investment. Does such a ratio need to be rigid? Experts need to be studied.

The government should encourage and attract more private enterprises to invest in ecological environmental protection projects. At present, the central government has issued documents on the development of PPP model, but in practice, the government how to guide, how to boldly try, there is still a lot of work to do.

"The past twenty or thirty years have been a period of strategic opportunity for China's development. In order to join the process of economic globalization in time and form an international competitive advantage as soon as possible, the state, while strengthening the economic strength of the central level, has also vigorously encouraged the local development of industrial capacity, resulting in a unique pattern of regional economic competition. In this process, serious backward production capacity is growing smoothly. Xia Guang, director of the Environmental and Economic Policy Research Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, believes that this model of sacrificing the environment for economic development should be attributed to the weak legal awareness of local governments and enterprises in environmental protection and the one-sided pursuit of economic interests, but it is also the inevitable result of the national development strategy in a specific period. "The marginal areas like Linyi have no geographical advantages, lack of technical ability and high-end talent, have little capital accumulation, and have no ability to clean themselves up."

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