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Build water treatment innovation engine sewage treatment concept factory landing countdown
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China's first sewage treatment plant recently decided to settle in Yixing. According to public information, Yixing Urban Sewage Resource Concept Plant will integrate water treatment, sludge treatment, resource and energy recovery into one, and gather high attention on water treatment technology for engineering test. According to the preliminary scheme, the conceptual plant is expected to be put into operation by the end of 2018, and some indexes of effluent quality will reach Class A water body. Create water treatment innovation engine sewage treatment concept plant landing countdown when sewage treatment and green development concepts are integrated, how to achieve curve overtaking from the technical level, has become the current sewage treatment plant development opportunities. Open data show that by the end of 2017, nearly 4,800 sewage treatment plants have been operated in China, with a cumulative scale of more than 18.39 million tons per day. However, there is also a dilemma behind this huge industry. In recent years, a series of problems such as excessive discharge, high energy consumption, low production capacity and "sunshine" have gradually appeared in sewage treatment plants. In the past two years, the same number of municipal sewage treatment plants have been named in the feedback from the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate. Previous technological routes have turned sewage treatment into a high energy consumption, high material consumption industry, and to a large extent hindered the recycling of energy and resources. High energy consumption on the one hand leads to high sewage treatment costs, making some small and medium-sized sewage treatment plants difficult to operate, but also further exacerbated the current energy crisis. At the same time, a large number of high energy consumption technologies such as delayed aeration are adopted to achieve pollutant reduction and emission reduction at the cost of high energy consumption. At present, sewage treatment is in the eve of major changes, urban sewage treatment plants will be reduced from simple pollutants to resources, energy plants. Under this background, the core technology system of sewage treatment with low carbon, ecology and green as the core came into being, and the long-dormant Chinese sewage treatment conceptual plant finally moved from concept to reality. According to authoritative media reports, as a crab eater in the domestic sewage treatment conceptual plant, Yixing Urban Sewage Resource Conceptual Plant covers an area of 118.14 mu, and the designed sewage treatment is close to 18,900 tons per day. The plan is officially put into operation at the end of 2018. Academician Qu Jiuhui, Research Center of Ecological Environment, CAS, said, "It is not only a sewage treatment project, but also a demonstration and announcement of the future direction of sewage treatment." The core is to realize the deep reuse of sewage to drinking water and realize the leap forward development of China's water sector. The concept plant is born out of this: urban sewage treatment plant from the realization of the basic function of pollutant reduction will be transformed into the city's energy plant, water plant, fertilizer plant. Compared with the traditional sewage treatment plant, the concept plant puts forward four new goals, namely, sustainable water quality, energy recovery, resource recycling, and environmental friendliness. In the view of many people in the industry, through the completion of the above objectives can not only break the traditional pattern of foreign water treatment in different fields of single technology one by one, but also seek the overall breakthrough of the technology chain. Along the direction of the concept factory, it is expected to reduce the energy consumption of the whole society by 1%. Among the many functions of the concept factory, low energy consumption and even energy self sufficiency will be a bright spot. Sewage treatment conceptual plant has initially established a sustainable water treatment technology for the future, that is, through carbon separation, greatly enhance energy recovery, water treatment to the level of available. Climate change and energy crisis require urban sewage treatment to achieve low carbon, energy saving and consumption reduction in the process of treatment, and improve energy self-sufficiency. This also means that sewage treatment facilities will change from "negative assets" to "positive assets". In addition to water resources recycling, sewage treatment process can also achieve the recycling of organic matter and phosphorus resources. The industry believes that with the continuous deepening and expansion of demand in recent years, water environment management has accumulated a large amount of potential energy at the level of industrial technology products and service modes. The concept of sewage treatment plant not only drives the sewage treatment industry, but also affects other environmental infrastructure industries to consider the future direction of ecological development, as in the field of waste incineration blue development vision. After the sewage treatment conceptual plant is completed, there will be no need to raise the bid for the next 20 - 30 years, which will also save a lot of costs. Further, it is hoped that the urban ecological complex will be derived, not only confined to a wastewater treatment terminal, but will be replaced by the essential elements of urban function.

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