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Inert ceramic supporting ball manufacturer
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The company specializes in the production of ceramic corrugated filler, inert ceramic ball, ceramic Rashi ring, Bauer ring, ladder ring, garland, multi-faceted hollow ball, moment saddle ring, different saddle ring, porous ceramic ball, inert ceramic ball, molecular sieve and other chemical fillers. Porcelain balls are widely used in various reactors and adsorbers in petroleum, chemical, fertilizer and environmental protection industries, such as refineries, aromatic hydrocarbon plants, natural gas plants, fertilizer plants, methanol plants, ammonia plants, etc. They are used as supporting and covering filling materials to protect, buffer and filter catalysts. Due to the use of high-quality ceramic raw materials, advanced production technology and equipment, our company produces ceramic balls with high temperature and pressure resistance, low water absorption, chemical stability, high compressive strength, not easy to poison and other characteristics. According to the content of alumina, the ceramic balls produced by our company can be divided into four categories: ordinary ceramic balls, inert alumina ceramic balls, medium aluminium balls and high aluminium balls.

The company has a strong technical force and excellent production equipment, strict quality assurance system, adhere to people-oriented, quality survival, in line with the principle of "mutual benefit and common development", support the "technology to open up the market, rely on quality assurance market, use service to consolidate the market" business theory, warm and thoughtful service for users. The company's products are monitored by Hunan Ceramic Testing Station, Hunan Ceramic National Monitoring Center and Jiangxi Ceramic Quality Supervision and Testing Station. The quality conforms to the national standards and has excellent physical and chemical properties. Over the years, because we adhere to the principle of quality, reputation first, so that the product in the users of all over the country has made a higher evaluation. The products have excellent performances, and can produce special specifications or special requirements of the user, also can be produced according to the user's drawings, carefully designed for the user.

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